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Unlocking a Password Protected Worksheet in Excel and Calc

“How to unlock password-protected sheets in Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc. Let's figure it out now.”
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How To Remove a Password From an Excel File

“But sometimes a password gets lost or forgotten, and other times, the employee that set up the password in the first place might leave the company. In those cases, removing the password can be a problem.”
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Passcovery Suite – Password Recovery

“In this review, I will show you a password recovery program from Passcovery. When you are faced with a problem of a lost password, Passcovery is your best friend you can always rely on. And I am going to show you why. Want to learn more?”
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Break Excel Password in 3++ Ways

“This short article presents a step-by-step tutorial on how to break lost Excel passwords. Which method to choose depends on the type of protection and Microsoft Excel version you are using.”
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How to Break a Password to Open Word XP-2007-2016. Four Case Studies

“Starting with Microsoft Office 2007 a 128-bit encryption key began to be used instead of a short key. And a 256-bit key came along with Word 2013. And it became impossible to find a key of this length within a conceivable period of time. Therefore, to choose a REALLY HELPFUL PROGRAM to recover passwords.”
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Password Protection in Microsoft Word. How to Add or Remove Protection, Crack Word Files

“In this article we’ll show you how to enable, remove and recover a “Password to Open” in a Word document.”
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Crack 18 symbols of Excel 2010 password in 90 seconds

“One day the client asked us to retrieve password for his Excel 2010 file. And so we did!”
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Crack lost Excel passwords quicklyExcel Password Recovery. The Possible And The Unbelievable

“If you’d like to know a little bit more about when a lost Excel password is no big deal and when you’re going to have to bring out the big guns, keep reading!”

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GPU Password RecoveryWhy will GPU password recovery rock your world?

“GPU password recovery is available for many of the latest programs and formats (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Zip, Rar, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, TrueCrypt, WPA/WPA2). Choose the right tool for the job and you’re almost there!”

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Lost a WinZip password?Lost a WinZip password? Use the time accelerator

“But how to recover a lost WinZip password? What to do if you are not a criminal but just a regular person who forgot his WinZip password? Use a password recovery tool.”

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How to crack a OpenOffice password?How to crack a OpenOffice password?

“To crack a lost or forgotten password to an OpenOffice file you’ll have to use special password cracking software…”

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GPU-Accelerated Microsoft Office 2007/2010 password recoveryGPU-Accelerated Microsoft Office 2007/2010 password recovery

“Accelerated GPU-based recovery of passwords to Office 2007/2010 is the most advantageous way to regain a lost password. That is true but which graphics card is the fastest of all?”

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PDF Permissions Password Remover: saving on aspirin

“Corporate users often face one of the most widely spread situations when a password protected document inflicts a headache. When once a colleague protected a corporate document gets sick, goes on holidays or quits his/her successor begins swallowing packs of aspirin to drawn a headache. What do you propose to do?!” read article »»

MS Office password recovery race

“For everyone who's ever faced the problem of searching for a password to open a file in MS Excel/Word/PowerPoint 97 or their later editions it’s absolutely clear what makes a successful recovery. Speed! The speed at which possible variants are searched. That's where the question arises: which software product is the speediest? We assume a race would be a perfect way to find out the champion's name.” read article »»

Problem with email password

“Do you use email? Sure you do! That means you have an email client. Either MS Outlook or Outlook Express, WindowsLive, Thunderbird, Eudora, The Bat or some other. This client manages your email box by receiving, creating, sending and saving messages. It does it all automatically. Because along with keeping your emails the mail client also keeps your access data – login and email password.” read article »»

How to crack Microsoft Office passwords? Masked brute force attack

“There are hard cases though cracking which requires brute force attack. These are first of all passwords to Microsoft Word docs and tables created in Microsoft Excel. Recovering such passwords may cost you some time and even money. Let's see how to use this time effectively and what tricks we can play!..” read article »»

Outlook passwords. Set and crack it is easy

“The possibility of data sharing in Microsoft Outlook implies certain data protection and access control systems. I've been wanting to figure them out for quite a while now but never got to it. Let's try and do that together by the example of Microsoft Outlook 2003…” read article »»

The Easiest Way to Recover Your Forgotten MS Office Password

“If you lost your password, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery may come to rescue with three methods to restore forgotten or lost Microsoft Office passwords. The program works with almost all versions of MS Office. A successful password recovery is guaranteed by three efficient modes: a brute force mode, a brute force mode with a mask, and a dictionary-based mode…” read article »»

Built-In Means Of Password Protection In Microsoft Excel Documents

“Recently, office software developers have been paying more and more attention to the means of protecting users' information. MS Excel is no exception. The recent versions of the program provide their users with advanced features for organizing various variants of protecting MS Excel documents against being cracked and information stored in them against being accessed…” read article »»

What Professionals Use to Recover Microsoft Office Passwords

“Microsoft Office documents can be protected against unauthorized access and saved with a password. While these documents are surely protected against unauthorized use, what about accessing them legitimately when one forgets or loses the password?…” read article »»

Choosing A Safe Password

“A password is like a key to your home. If someone steals it, chances are he will use it to steal something else. Let’s get a clearer look at what mistakes many users make when choosing a password…” read article »»

Crack Lost Password

“Anyone may once face the problem of a lost password. That is why information about the password recovery methods is important. The time required to recover a lost password depends on the complexity of the algorithm that was used to encrypt the password…” read article »»

Finding An Effective Method Of Password Recovery

“Using special password recovery tools is the fastest and the easiest way to recover a lost password for a document. When we say “fastest” we mean that this method is sufficiently faster than other methods…” read article »»

Passwords Used In Microsoft Word Documents

“You would like to protect your documents, wouldn't you? Reasons may vary but the problem is the same - you need to protect your Microsoft Word documents from unauthorized editing or viewing. What document protection features does Microsoft® Office Word 2003, part of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003?…” read article »»

Real Excel Password Remover

“It is more likely than you might think it is that one day you’ll face the task of restoring a lost Excel password. The types of passwords used in Microsoft Excel protection system are quite manifold ranging from the simplest passwords to edit to hard cracked passwords to open…” read article »»