MS Office password recovery race

For everyone who's ever faced the problem of searching for a password to open a file in MS Excel/Word/PowerPoint 97 or their later editions it’s absolutely clear what makes a successful recovery. Speed! The speed at which possible variants are searched. That's where the question arises: which software product is the speediest? We assume a race would be a perfect way to find out the champion's name.

Moreover the developers of one of the recently updated contenders – Accent OFFICE Password Recovery – claim it to be the fastest solution on the market. Sounds like a real challenge. We’ll check it out.

Let’s do it!

Pre-start preparations


  • Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 3.0
  • Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 2.80
  • Advanced Office Password Recovery 4.15
  • Passware Password Recovery Kit 9.5
  • Office Password Recovery 2.0.7

As a racetrack we used a computer based on Intel Centrino Duo 2GHz, 4Gb RAM operating under Windows Vista SP1.

The testing was held with files created in Microsoft Office 2000 (.doc), Microsoft Office 2003 (.doc), Microsoft Office 2007 (.docx), Microsoft Office 2010 (.docx). All through the race the files were protected with the following password: k6-Z.

The rating is based on the readings of the average search speed reached at brute force attack with a set of lower- and upper-case letters, special characters and digits.

Ready! Steady! Go!

Microsoft Office 2000 (Microsoft Word 2000)

Lap 1. The new version of AOFPR is leading with a smashing breakaway. Whereas the previous edition of this program was hovering above others, the new generation of AOFPR is skyrocketing to the never before reached heights.

Microsoft Office 2003 (Microsoft Word 2003)

Lap 2 shows absolutely identical results.

Microsoft Office 2007 (Microsoft Word 2007)

Lap 3. The correlation retains though the overall speed index is plummeting dramatically. So are the peculiarities of the latest Microsoft Office editions (hopefully there will soon appear new GPU passwords crackers for MS Office applications).

Microsoft Office 2010 (Microsoft Word 2010)

Lap 4. The last one. Nothing changes here.


The charts unequivocally illustrate which MS Office password cracker works fastest. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery 3 finishes 3 - 4 times faster than all the other competitors. It seems that the program's developers’ words about a profound code optimization were not just a make-talk. Nor was it in any way arrogant of them to say that they'd made the speediest password recovery solution for hard-to-crack passwords.

So if you have a problem of a lost password to your Microsoft Office 95-2010 file you are free to choose the solution. Recovery of such simple passwords as those to Microsoft Excel sheets, Excel-Word VBA projects etc. is quite a trivial task easily handled by all the programs in question.

But if it’s a toughie you are dealing with like a complicated password-to-open look at the search speed rating. The higher the speed the more time you save for yourselves.