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How to Break a Password to Open Word XP-2007-2016. Four Case Studies

“I forgot the password to one of my Word files. It must be Word 2010 or 2013 - it's a docx file. Any chance to decrypt it without searching the password, as described in your article about unlocking Word files?”
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3 Ways to Unlock a Password-Protected Word File When the Password is Lost

“Did you know that a password-protected Word file (and Excel too) could be opened without knowing the password? Read this article to learn how to unlock a Word file without the password, when this is possible, and when you have to search for the password and how to speed up the search.”
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Password Protection in Microsoft Word. How to Add or Remove Protection, Crack Word Files

“The only sure-fire way to secure an Microsoft Word document from unauthorized access is to set a “Password to Open”. Only that kind of password guarantees that your data are securely encrypted and cannot be accessed without the password (in fact, it’s only true for some versions of Word).

In this article we’ll show you how to enable, remove and recover a “Password to Open” in a Word document.”
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