How to crack a OpenOffice password?

To crack a lost or forgotten password to an OpenOffice file you’ll have to use special password cracking software. Use Accent OFFICE Password Recovery! The program has some absolutely awesome features.

It works perfectly well with both OpenOffice apps (Writer, Calc, Impress, Base, Draw, Math) and all editions of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint). Awesome feature 1.

Processors are powerful but not more than modern graphics cards. Obviously the latter are not omnipotent but are just fit for cracking OpenOffice passwords. For example the computational power of one ATI 5770 equals that of 12 Intel Q6600 processors. Yes, you got it right - 12! This is not a random figure. It was calculated with the help of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery. That gives us awesome feature 2.

So how actually can you crack an OpenOffice password?

Step 1. Download a password cracking program

The Internet these days is thriving with all kinds of file types including archived files. The problem is that they normally contain too much of irrelevant stuff and not always represent the latest software editions. That's why it's the best idea to download programs from the official sites. The official site of Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is

Step 2. Install the password cracker

Once you have downloaded the program install it. With the help of an installation wizard nothing could be easier. It will guide you through the installation process. If necessary the wizard will create shortcuts on the desktop, quick start panel and the Start menu. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery features such a wizard as well. Nothing unusual. Everything is clear and easy.

Step 3. Launch the password cracker.

Double click and the program starts so you can get to know it better. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is a trialware application which means you can make sure it works properly by testing it before buying it. Awesome feature 3.

Step 4. Buy the password cracker.

Password cracking freeware solutions are very few and there are no such programs for OpenOffice files. Therefore you'll have to pay for the one you like. Buying Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is very easy: the key is delivered instantly and the activation process takes just a few seconds. The Internet connection, a credit card or Pay Pal account and just three minutes - that's all it takes. Awesome feature 4.

Step 5. Use the password cracker

Fasten your seat belts! The program is free of all restrictions and is ready to show how to crack an OpenOffice password. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery also features a number of state-of-the-art modules facilitating the user. They are: Advanced Mask Composer that helps to create a mask, Advanced Dictionary Manager that improves the dictionary-based attack and the most important one - Task Creation Wizard. The Wizard helps you grasp the whole password recovery thing right away, create however complex a task you need and finally crack the lost or forgotten password to an OpenOffice file.

Step 6. Tell a friend about the password cracker.

Like all other people the authors of the program love to be praised. The more so they feel like it when it is clear their product is really good and handles all the tasks better than any other software. So if Accent OFFICE Password Recovery helped you crack an OpenOffice password it's worth while telling about it to your followers on Twitter. Is it not?