Lost a WinZip password? Use the time accelerator

You archive your files. Like everyone else: presidents, movie stars, your friends. Most often you use zip archives. And you are sure to know that you can protect your archive with a password so that nobody learns your secrets...

ZIP Password Recovery Solution

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And do you know that there was a vulnerability found in the classic zip protection, which makes it possible to unpack your archive without knowing the password. It means that any person can get your files no matter how complicated your zip password is. There are password recovery tools with guaranteed zip password recovery.

The problem is well known and the authors of archiving software have a solution. Starting from WinZip 9 and in all later versions, the classic zip protection has been enhanced with additional strong encryption – the WinZip AES algorithm.

It is very serious time-proven protection. It has no such vulnerabilities as the classic zip protection. Everything is safe and secure – rest assured!

But how to recover a lost WinZip password? What to do if you are not a criminal but just a regular person who forgot his WinZip password? We are all humans...

Actually, the answer is the same – use a password recovery tool. But the password recovery tool for WinZip archives protected with WinZip AES must be the best of its kind.

Let's see what criteria to use in order to assess the best password recovery tool.

Speed! The WinZip AES protection seriously slows down the recovery process. And what counts is how fast the zip password recovery tool works.

What does a password recovery tool actually do? It generates or reads passwords according to some rules and checks them one after another: whether they remove the password protection or not.

In case of the WinZip AES algorithm, the check requires huge computational resources. Most of password recovery tools ineffectively use the CPU of the computer to search for passwords...

The best password recovery tools, such as AccentZPR, are optimized for all modern CPUs and checks up to 37 thousand passwords per second using even Intel i7-820.

Amazing, isn't it? But not as amazing as the support of GPU ATI and NVIDIA...

What can be better than high speed? Only the speed that's higher! Nowadays video cards provide it: indeed, 3'200 stream processors of the ATI HD5970 video card is more than 4 cores of Intel i7-820. Recovering a password with the WinZip/AES encryption is one of those tasks you can entrust modern video cards with. The most important thing is to use the right password recovery tool that supports GPU computations. In that case, the speed of a brute-force attack for WinZip passwords is boosted up to 1'200'000 passwords per second.

And it is just Accent ZIP Password Recovery that can actually make the WinZip password search 37 times faster using one video card! More than one video card installed on the computer makes it even better. The recovery tool will make them all work. Moreover, it does not matter what cards they are: ATI or NVIDIA. They will work with equal success and much more effectively than special computers for WinZip password recovery.

They often use special devices, such as Tableau TACC1441 to recover passwords in forensics. An expensive toy, but not good enough to recover WinZip passwords with the WinZip/AES encryption. Tests show that TACC1441 checks only 65'000 passwords per second. It is 17 times slower than the speed of checking passwords that can be achieved on one ATI HD5970 card. And if you insert four video cards in one computer?..

To sum it up, the problem of a lost WinZip password can be solved with the help of the right password recovery tool that provides for the maximum password search speed and supports GPU computations. We recommend that you use Accent ZIP Password Recovery.