The Easiest Way to Recover Your Forgotten MS Office Password

Nowadays people are conscious about security of their data. "Confidential information" is no longer a phrase from Bond-style movies but from every day life. We all have our secrets and we do not want to reveal them to other people. You may want to keep in secret your personal documents, banking details, office documents and sometime even poems written in youthful ardor.

And what is the best password to protect documents? Such passwords as "Love", "123" or "Admin" may be popular but easy to crack by someone who wants to read your documents. So, the best password should be meaningless and complicated. For different files we have different, sometimes very long and not easy to remember passwords, such as "tgfrghu5g8a". And when you forget this mix of letters and digits, you may lose information in the password protected document.

If you lost your password, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery may come to rescue with three methods to restore forgotten or lost Microsoft Office passwords. The program works with almost all versions of MS Office. A successful password recovery is guaranteed by three efficient modes: a brute force mode, a brute force mode with a mask, and a dictionary-based mode.

In a brute force mode, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery generates and throws all possible combinations of letters, numbers, and other characters at a password-protected file. The user can specify the length of the password to recover and characters generated during the recovery.

When using a mask, you can specify a range of possible values for each position of the mask. For instance, you can set the program to generate a password with an upper case letter in the first position (A-Z), a lower case letter in the second position (a-z), and a dash (-) in the fourth. By using a mask, you can considerably cut down on the time spent on password recovery.

In a dictionary-based approach, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery uses a large text file to throw commonly used words, names, and misspelled words at a protected file. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery has been enhanced to carry out dictionary-based attacks even faster and more effectively than the previous version. The dictionary manager allows you to set the list and order of dictionaries for picking password. You can add digits to dictionary words and utilize fully customizable transformations of words, including alterations between upper and lower case for each character, swapping adjacent characters, and omission of characters. This makes password recovery a lightning fast affair. Accent OFFICE Password Recovery has a multi-language support which is very useful for none-English languages.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Accent OFFICE Password Recovery has a very simple and convenient Password Recovery Wizard. It will help you to get acquainted with the program and recover your MS Office password with a point-and-click simplicity.

No matter how you work with Microsoft Office applications and what passwords you use, you need to try out Accent OFFICE Password Recovery. One can name a lot of advantages of this program, such as three advanced password recovery methods, a large dictionary, a fast processing speed, an intuitive graphic interface, hotkey support and many others but the main thing is that Accent OFFICE Password Recovery will recover your MS Office without a doubt.

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