Why will GPU password recovery rock your world?

GPU password recovery is definitely the hot trend of recent years. Developers of advanced software like the Passcovery Suite claim that GPU computing boosts password recovery speeds by a factor of ten or more.

And they’re serious!

How can GPU password recovery possibly be so much faster than using a regular processor? Let me explain using a simple example.

Imagine that I have one hundred billion envelopes and only one of them contains a check for a million dollars made out to me. The envelopes are identical, and all of them are sealed. How am I supposed to find my check? It would take me more than a lifetime to open all the envelopes! Even if I ask, my family to help, it would take years of doing nothing but opening envelopes from morning to night to find the million dollar check.

But what if I hire a company with 3,000 employees to open the envelopes and find my check? Before long I’ll be a millionaire!

That’s exactly how GPU password recovery works: my family and I are like a multi-core CPU, the company with 3,000 employees is like a GPU system, the envelopes are the passwords to be tested, and the million-dollar check is the one correct password.

Today, even the least expensive AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards have stream processors that are tens of times faster than the fanciest CPU. That’s why GPU password recovery beats using a single processor every time.

Remember that the next time you lose a password.

Always use GPU password recovery for guaranteed top speeds and fast results.

GPU password recovery is available for many of the latest programs and formats (Microsoft Office/OpenOffice documents, Zip/Rar archives, Apple iOS/BlackBerry OS back-ups, TrueCrypt volumes, WPA/WPA2 handshakes). Choose the right tool for the job and you’re almost there!