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Passcovery Suite – Password Recovery

“In this review, I will show you a password recovery program from Passcovery. When you are faced with a problem of a lost password, Passcovery is your best friend you can always rely on. And I am going to show you why. Want to learn more?”
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Break Excel Password in 3++ Ways

“This short article presents a step-by-step tutorial on how to break lost Excel passwords. Which method to choose depends on the type of protection and Microsoft Excel version you are using.”
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How to Break a Password to Open Word XP-2007-2016. Four Case Studies

“I forgot the password to one of my Word files. It must be Word 2010 or 2013 - it's a docx file. Any chance to decrypt it without searching the password, as described in your article about unlocking Word files?”
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3 Ways to Unlock a Password-Protected Word File When the Password is Lost

“Did you know that a password-protected Word file (and Excel too) could be opened without knowing the password? Read this article to learn how to unlock a Word file without the password, when this is possible, and when you have to search for the password and how to speed up the search.”
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