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Rar password recovery screenshot

Rar password recovery

Finds lost password to RAR/WinRAR 3.x archives. Uses optimized algorithms for maximum performance on Intel and AMD CPUs. Uses GPU computations on modern ATI and NVIDIA video cards supporting ATI Stream and NVIDIA CUDA. Offers effective features for more flexible and high-quality password recovery: automatic password search, a macro language for creating password mutation rules for a dictionary-based attack.

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Rar password recovery details

Finds lost password to RAR/WinRAR archives. Uses optimized algorithms for maximum performance on Intel and AMD CPUs. Supports GPU computations on ATI and NVIDIA video cards. Offers effective features.

Rar password recovery homepage

Has the problem of a lost password to a RAR/WinRAR 3.x archive become urgent? Need an effective solution? Take a pencil to mark pluses in favor of Accent RAR Password Recovery!

Recovery rates. The program uses unique algorithms with maximum optimization for all modern Intel and AMD CPUs. Plus!

Still higher recovery rates. The program uses the GPU computing technologies on ATI and NVIDIA video cards. And it boosts the password recovery rate up to 40 times. Plus!

Three attack types for a lost RAR password. The program has all the necessary attacks in it: a brute-force attack, a mask-based brute-force attack and a dictionary-based attack. Plus!

Automatic recovery. The program uses optimized password recovery scripts without requiring any special knowledge. Plus!

Password mutation. The program has a built-in macro language that describes password mutation rules thus improving the capabilities of a dictionary-based attack. Plus!

That's not all. The full list of Accent RAR Password Recovery pluses is available at You will find a detailed description and useful tips there as well.

Accent RAR Password Recovery is a professional solution to the lost password problem for RAR/WinRAR archives that works on ATI and NVIDIA video cards. Use it whenever necessary.

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Finds lost password to RAR/WinRAR archives. Fast, flexible, simple

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